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stufff. [02 Jul 2006|06:32pm]
i have pictures from our indoor line. one of the best experiences of my life. this pretty much sums up everything about our group.

PITCHAS!Collapse )

i'll have more pictures of our past indoor line later and some from our marching season, too.
you'll just have to wait. you'll see more of our crazy side in those.
though, isn't anyone who's on drumline on crack? issue closed.
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hi ;] [28 Jun 2006|08:23pm]

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well hi. I just joined, obviously, and for starters, my name is Sam. I go to Dearborn High (in Michigan) and I play bass 3 (it should actually be 2, but we got a new bass this year, thus pushing mine down the line) and it's my first year actually playing bass. I'm a junior, and I joined last year, but was put on cymbals because I missed auditions. I play xylophone during concert season, and I just love band. :)

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uh, i agree. [25 Jun 2006|05:47pm]
the UNT drum camp was absolutely amazing. one of the best parts was making fun of the horrid food and making awesome friends from out of state.

&ps; and for those of you who have joined already, it would be nice if you would tell a little about yourself. it defeats the whole purpose of having a drum community if no one is participating. i'm doing my best to get people to join.
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yo beeshes. [23 Jun 2006|06:00pm]

UNT drumline camp = so fun. so amazing.
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WELCOME! [16 Jun 2006|09:31pm]
welcome to those of you who have just joined this new drumming community. i'm excited. i hope you all have fun amd talk about drumming as much as possible. help each otehr out. all you need to know is in the info. if you have questions, leave a post asking me (amanda) about what's going on and i will get back to you as soon as possible!
i am leaving sunday for a percussion camp at the university of north texas so i won't be returning until next friday, june 20 i think. so go on and start without me. it takes more than just a mod to start a community and keep it going.

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